Located in Northeast Ohio, Industrial Coating Equipment has over twenty-five years of hands-on experience and more than one hundred fifty finishing installations under our belt. We have the expertise to supply and support a system that will fulfill all your application needs.


  • Conveyors (Chain-On-Edge, Flatline, Overhead)
  • Spray Booths (Paint, Powder, Reclaim)
  • Spray Equipment (Air, Airless, Electrostatic, Powder Spray)
  • Fluid Equipment (Pump, Circulating, Flow & Viscosity Control)
  • Washers (Power Spray, Diptank, Ultrasonic)
  • Air Handling (Air Make-Up, Cooling/Flashing Tunnels, Clean Rooms)
  • Coatings (Liquid, Powder, Waterborne)
  • Controls (Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic)
  • Automation (Pick & Place, Gun Followers, Reciprocators, Oscillators, 5+6 Axis Robots)
  • Ovens (Convection, Infrared, U.V. Cure, Gas & Electric)
  • Installation (Mechanical, Electrical, Sheet Metal, Plumbing)
  • Consulting, Project Design, Project Management

We have the knowledge, experience and capabilities you need

Our knowledgeable sales staff works closely with you to determine your specific needs. After weighing the pros and cons, the best possible solutions are chosen for your company's individual application requirements. Realistic concepts are then generated and you are presented with timely, informative quotes.

Once purchased, the initial concept moves quickly toward reality. Our on-time delivery is accompanied by professional installation and start-up to ensure your system is up and running quickly and efficiently. Industrial Coating Equipment can fill all your system requirements.

Our relationship doesn't end there. We continue to offer technical support as well as responsive, personalized service for your system. From concept to production and beyond, your complete satisfaction is our primary concern. Our company-wide philosophy of "fulfilling all your needs" resonates throughout everything we do.