New vs Used

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Good news—whether you buy used or new equipment matters less than you think. What’s important is that you buy what’s right for you.

New equipment vs. used equipment—a guide from Industrial Coating

As with any big purchase, it’s important to “get it right the first time” when you’re buying finishing equipment.

The good news is that—at least when it comes to deciding between new equipment or used—there’s not necessarily a wrong answer. There are, of course, pros and cons to each.

It’s important to make an informed choice.

Here’s a look at what you need to think about when considering new or used.

Your objectives

What do you need to do with the equipment you’re considering? Is a used option available, or will you need to design from new?

Your requirements

Do you have specific technical requirements for which you’ll need a custom-design? Or can you sacrifice some flexibility for ease of purchase? Will your needs change over time? How will this impact the work you’re currently doing?

Your needs

Why do you need equipment in the first place? Is it just to upgrade, or are you losing money in repairs and downtime? Are you introducing an entirely new process or trying to make an existing one better?

Your space

Will you need to move existing equipment to make space for the addition? Do you have enough space, period?

Your timeline

How much life is there in your existing equipment? What kind of lifespan do you need from the equipment you’re considering purchasing? And when do you need everything up and running?

Your budget

How much can you afford? Used is an option if budgets are tight; you may instead value the increased reliability of new equipment if you can afford to buy it “fresh off the line.” Do your research and get some benchmark prices to help you find your target investment.