Our Process

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When you’ve done 150 installations, it’s safe to say you know how to make things run smoothly

Industrial Coating Equipment—our process makes the difference

How are we able to achieve the results that we do? Because with your installation—just like every other we oversee—we follow a process we’ve honed over three decades in the business.

After your inquiry, we’ll have you complete a two-page intake form with some fundamental questions about your project—what’s the maximum size of your part, what are you looking to apply, and so on.
Initial meeting

If it makes sense to move forward, we’ll start with a quick phone call to talk about your specific needs and your plans. In that call, you’ll first hear a ballpark cost for your project.

Approval drawings

Within two weeks of the initial meeting, we’ll supply you with things like the overall conveyor plan, details on oven size and BTUs, the utility layouts, your production flow, a more exact investment level, and so on. We’ll go over all of this with you in a face-to-face meeting.

Project start

When you approve the project, we’ll begin the actual work of making things happen: sourcing and purchasing, designing, custom-fabricating and so on. This stage of the process usually takes between six weeks and six months.


Most equipment is too large for us to assemble before it’s shipped to you. That means, in most cases, we’ll assemble your equipment on-site. This part of the process can take between eight weeks and three months.

You’ll see us there at your facility on the first day to make sure the contractors know what to do during the assembly phase. Then we’ll return about once every two weeks. These on-site visits help us plan for problems and cut them off before they occur.

Project wrap-up

We’ll “debug” your installation over a period of anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks—however long it takes to make sure things are working 100% to your liking.

Finally, we’ll also train your operators and your internal maintenance staff, so everyone knows how to make the best of your new systems and processes.